A m b e r   Y i   Z h e n g

A m b e r   Y i   Z h e n g

C l o t h e s  M e m o r y

     This project is more about questioning and challenging today’s clothes production, consumption and some widely-accepted ideas of fashion in the society.

I explored my thoughts and gathered design ideas through both my action research in factory and my life.

       In nowadays consumption-oriented society, it’s too easy for people to buy more clothes than their actual needs. Day after day, clothes are being over-produced and then being abandoned to landfill. People hardly gaze at themselves inside before they make buying decision nor do they consider the impact behind their consumption.




      The main material of this project came from factory waste fabric and low-price clothes from the wholesale market. I reconstructed and reformed them into garments. If you look carefully, you will still be able to see their original forms. In this collection, you will also see some “unnormal” forms of clothes and “unexpected” norms. For example, labels are sewed on the outside of the garment; underwear are uncovered; men’s oversized jacket are sewed together with women’s jacket, and so on. I transformed and demonstrated the absurd sideof mass production and human desire.

       It invites people to see what they should see but never see, to think what they should think but never think, and to do what they should do but never do.

I n s t a l l a t i o n

P u n c t u r e  

(Jacket, Acrylic, Clothes bone)


V æ i n   

(Shirt, Thread, Needle)


D u s t  

(Waste fabric, Clock, Acrylic)

A m b e r   Y i   Z h e n g