A m b e r   Y i   Z h e n g

<the Portraitist>

This series is a painting floating around the body.
It starts with the portraits I created for random people, usually girls,
I encountered in my life.
As a designer I have an instinctive way of working:
I perceive, react and compose the work spontaneously with my own design language.
Fluidity is a main subject of my work.
It is understood as being dynamic and natural.
The unconventional structure, fluid brush, hand dyeing, and embroidery,
most organically,
flow like rivers around the wearer.
It is a composition of material and textile;
a balance between the dynamic and the structured,
a mixture of rawness and fineness,
in a narrative context,
reaching a subtle equilibrium in design.
A m b e r   Y i   Z h e n g